Some Choices of Where to Go in Bali

Bali will always become great destination to go. This island has a lot of awesome destinations to go. Travelers do not need to worry about where to go in bali  because every corner of this island is great destination to explore. For example, there is Ubud village. This is great village in Bali and this can become great destination for travelers who need a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This village has some great things to offer in order to make the travelers comfortable. Of course, staying for several days in this village is great choice to take retreat. In the morning, travelers can enjoy the warm sunrise while exploring the large and green paddy field. This is awesome experience to enjoy. They can also see the local people give offering in the temple. Even, they can also involve. When they need a spa facility, they can find it easily. The village has also modern facilities for spa. Even, there are also some restaurants offering great menus.

Travelers can also enjoy the great nature in the West Bali National Park. The national park is great choice of where to go in bali. This can offer great experience of exploring the fresh nature. This national park can provide unforgettable experience in maintaining interaction with the nature. This national park also has very large area. Because of the vast area, there are some different landscapes. Forests, mangrove, savanna and beach are the landscape of this national park. These can provide various faunas and floras. Related to the animals in the forest, there is the iconic animal of Bali. It is the Bali Starling as the iconic bird to find in this national park. Related to the beach, travelers can enjoy diving around the Menjangan island. They can see the beautiful underwater life. The marine life is protected well since it is still in the national park, so they are still so natural and exotic.

For the other alternatives of where to go in bali, they can also go to the several temples. Bali has some awesome temples to go. The temples are place for praying, but these can also be tourism spots. Tourists and travelers are allowed to go to the temples as long as they keep the good manner and attitude. Some temples have awesome things to find.

  • Talking about temple, there is Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is awesome because of its landscape. The temple built on the offshore rock. There are two buildings of temple as the main destination. To reach the temple, there is footstep appearing during the low tide. The temple itself has awesome view of ocean because of its location. Of course, enjoying sunset can be done well. Even, this is called as one of the best spot to see sunset in Bali.
  • Pura Besakih can be the other alternative. This temple becomes the mother of temples in Bali. The temple is located on the foot of the Mount Agung which becomes the important landmark in Bali. The temple has awesome architecture to enjoy. Of course, the view of Mount Agung makes the temple more beautiful.


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